I draw! But what makes my work different than any other drawing is that they are imaginations from my head brought into reality. The images are people I see come to life on the page and my gift to those who view it. My work has a happy tone to it; almost serene in nature, free flowing, with movement and vibrant use of color. On one end of the spectrum, the dynamic drawings include several layers of my personality, talent and care free spiritual living. At the other end of the spectrum, there is none or very little use of color with a pop of metallic. The mediums used include Sharpie ink blotting, metallic acrylic paint, alcohol ink, ink pen and candle wax. My deep sense of materials are added with the use of wax giving the images a raised sculptural texture on a 2D surface. The details are of the utmost importance and you see that within my work.

Currently, Darrelynne Strother manages online customer interactions for a government social media help desk in the Washington, DC area. In 2009, she graduated from the University of Virginia with a concentration in architecture, urban planning and a minor in studio art. Her favorite platforms include Instagram and Snapchat. You can find her on Instagram (, @Justd_ or Her hobbies include drawing, photography, art, crafts, gardening (@gardeningdee), and green activities.

E X H I B I T I O N S   R E C O R D

OCT 2018 Fall Foliage Festival: Emerge, Curator: Piper Groves, SVAC

MAR 2018 40Under40, Curator: Piper Groves, SVAC

AUG 2017 Mary & Mimosas, Curator: Abijah Stokes, Lions & Legends

FEB 2017   CUSP, Curator: Tania Birker, Artist Experience Director, RAW Artists

AUG 2016 Pancakes & Booze, Curator: Tom Kirlin, Penn Social

JULY 2016          101 Art Submissions, Curator: Miss Pixies, Capital Fringe

DEC 2015                       An ART SHOW, Curator: Jasmine Jackson, WXTJ + Camp Ugly

MAY 2009 Mosaics, Curator: William Bennett, Associate Professor, University of Virginia

JAN 2007 Interactive Digital Media Exhibition, Curator: Megan Marlatt, University of Virginia