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2018 Original Ink Drawing by Darrelynne Strother
Alcohol Ink, Acrylic & Ink Pen on Watercolor Paper
6in x 6in
Comes with a 8in x 8in frame
Signed and Dated

Freedom is a piece for dissection and careful examination. One can determine the essence of the painting by studying the dark profile in contrast to the surrounding values. Brought to the forefront by Strother’s usage of ink pen and acrylic paint is a woman with an audacious disposition. With focus comes purpose, making way for presence. An idea that is brought into perspective here as colors made with alcohol ink flow from one side of the frame onto others. This free-flow of intentional artistry is synonymous to the political weight of the afro, the shape that these puddles of colors in fact create. What some may perceive as unkept or restrictive, others view as a mark of liberation.

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